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Wine Travel By Barge: Sailing Your Way Through Burgundy
Barge in Wine Country Burgundy | Roanake Times

Photo Courtesy of Ann N. Yungmeyer and the Roanoke Times

As a society, we typically associate the idea of “cruising” with sun-soaked sails through tropical locales, free all-you-can-eat buffets, and plenty of splashing around on the lido deck. Author Ann N. Yungmeyer, as a special correspondent for the Roanoke Times, discovered a very different way to indulge in a spot of wine travel.

Rather than traipsing around the Caribbean, Yungmeyer headed to France to ride a luxury barge down the Burgundy Canal. Burgundy is renowned for its food and wine, with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay being the premiere varietals in the region. 

Lest the word “barge” give you pause, Yungmeyer assures us as to the well-appointed accommodations:

Formerly a Dutch cargo barge, it is outfitted with comfortable cabins with en suite bathroom, air-conditioning and WiFi, as well as a sundeck Jacuzzi and bikes onboard.


Barges in Burgundy | Roanoke Times

Photo Courtesy of Ann N. Yungmeyer and the Roanoke Times

And what will you see when you manage to pry yourself out of the en suite and convince yourself to stay away from the Jacuzzi for a day?

The itinerary for our six-night voyage covers about 40 miles in southern Burgundy, cruising a few hours each day through bucolic countryside with lush pastures of grazing Charolais cattle. Optional excursions by minibus include visits to medieval towns, markets and historic sites. At night we moor in peaceful villages, where we may just find a canal-side game of boules to join. Our final mooring is in the picturesque village Fleurey-sur-Ouche, not far from Dijon.

The article also contains mouthwatering descriptions of the gourmet culinary offerings aboard the barge, all of which are of course severed with generous pours of local vino. 

It’s escapism routed in history and culture and it seems like a little slice of paradise.

Meet you there?


Read more about Ann N. Yungmeyer’s Burgundy adventure at the Roanoke Times or start planning your own trip via one of these companies that specialize in cruises through wine country:



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