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Plan Your Day Trip to an Oklahoma Winery (For Reals)

At Wine Geographic, we’re all about expanding the idea of what “Wine Country” really means, but even with the most liberal of definitions in play, you’re not likely to put Oklahoma anywhere in your top 20 must-visit wine destinations. If you have the money to jet to Tuscany on the regular or if you’re lucky enough to live within close proximity to Willamette or the Finger Lakes, well, we should be close friends (I’m also willing to consider adoption…) but for most of us, the dream of a nearby winery is just that – a dream. But perhaps vino-aided bliss is closer than it may appear…?

Only In Your State has put together a number of pieces highlighting wine-centric spots in some pretty unexpected places and we’re loving the fact that the site is shedding light where it might be needed the most. Don’t be surprised if you see a fw more of these pieces featured here on Wine Geo in the coming weeks and months, but for now, let’s take a look at and Oklahoma winery called  Woods & Water Winery and Vineyard.

From the original piece over at Only In Your State:

Set on over 250 acres, this winery is one of Oklahoma’s largest, oldest and most celebrated wineries in the state. Woods and Waters was voted the #1 day trip in Oklahoma, and you’ll love spending the day at this remote, fun spot in western Oklahoma.

The winery is located in Anadarko, Oklahoma, a charming enclave just under an hour’s drive southwest of Oklahoma City and a little over 3 1/2 hours from the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Clearly one journey makes more sense as a day trip than the other, but residents of both metropolises can easily get their fill of in-person wine magic without too much trouble.

The vineyard itself is gorgeous, with an on-premises tasting room and wine bar that serves up 34 varieties of wine straight from the Woods & Water portfolio.

For more pictures as well as information about the winery, its hours, and its food menu, visit Only In Your State.



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