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Meet Allisa Henley of George Dickel, Whiskey World’s Few Female Distillers


Allisa Henley, who was raised just a few miles away from the Tennessee-based distillery in Cascade Hallow, was originally hired to to design the George Dickel Whisky distillery’s visitor tour experience.

“I essentially had to write a tour script from scratch, and you can’t write about it unless you know what you’re talking about,” Henley said. “I firmly believe you can learn more on the job than you ever can in a classroom.”

Not coming from a chemistry background, like most of her colleagues didn’t deter Henly. She forged a path with passion and according to her, “sometimes that’s all you need.”  Although in recent years, Henley completed the Malt Advocate Course in Scotland and Ireland, the Sensory Certification with DIAGEO’s Technical Innovation team, and has led multiple seminars on Tennessee Whisky and women’s historical role in the business.


Whiskey Minus The “E”

Handcrafted by 35 actual people- not machines and unique methods can turn a distiller into a Pioneer

From brand experience director to jetset distiller -Allisa Henley of George Dickel Whisky

From brand experience director to jetset distiller -Allisa Henley of George Dickel Whisky

What makes George Dickel’s Whisky unique is not only its name (whisky is spelled in the Scottish way without an ‘e’) but also by the way it’s processed.

George Dickel, a German man who visited Tullahoma, TN in 1867, realized that whisky made in the winter was smoother than whisk(e)y made at any other time of year, and came up with a unique chilling process called charcoal-mellowing and according their website, this extra step filters out oils and acids, a process that George Dickel Whisky is known for.

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Original Story: We Hung Out With Allisa Henley, One Of The Whiskey World’s Few Female Distillers




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