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Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Gran Fondo: Wine, Food and Cycling

Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Gran Fondo: Wine, Food and Cycling

Bottega Gran Fondo

Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Gran Fondo

A two day event where Celebrity Chefs, Celebrity Sommeliers, and Pro Cyclists, along with a handful of special guests, will captain teams of riders on courses of 40, 55, and 75 mile treks through the wine country.

Sustainable farming, cooking, winemaking, cycling are Chiarello’s passions and the Bottega Gran Fondo’ proceeds go to supporting three important causes that impact the community of Napa Valley and beyond.

Saturday: Taste and Bite

Start out on Saturday in Yountville with a wine tasting, and sampling of olive oil to chocolate, all while watching Pro Cyclists,  Sous Chefs, alongside our guest Chefs, demoing various dishes at the Mercato. Wrap up with a VIP dinner, hosted at Reynolds Family Winery, with proceeds going to local causes.

Sunday: Ride and Fire

Sunday is time to show your stuff and once your have worked off the previous nights dinner, you will be thrown into the fire, Michael Chiarello style. A post ride luncheon where you will be with new and old friends enjoying an outdoor meal cooked over an open flame.

The bike ride maybe full but there is still tickets available for selected events.

In Napa Valley, a Bike Ride With Food as Co-Star –

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