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Wine Travel Porto: Wine, hills and sunsets in Portugal’s second city –

When we think of wine travel, often our imaginations stick to well-beaten paths through places like Burgundy, Tuscany, Napa, or Willamette Valley. It makes sense – they’re legendary regions producing legendary wine (some for a bit longer than others) and they must-haves on any oenophiles bucket list. But there are other spots well deserving of your exploration and the Holland Sentinel has hit on a great one: Porto, Portugal.


Porto’s historic core is set upon two hills, with the rejuvenated downtown between them spilling down to the Douro River. A pedestrian promenade lined with medieval merchant houses and cafe tables runs underneath the two-level Luis I Bridge, which joins the upper and lower sections of Porto and the city of Gaia. On one side is the twin-domed Porto Cathedral, on the other is the circular Monastery of Serra do Pilar. When the sun sets, the colors of the white monuments, stone towers and terra cotta roofs blend together, and the entire city glows orange. It’s one of the world’s most spectacular cityscapes.

That’s just the beginning of this beautiful piece showcasing the stunning sights of Porto. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of information about the good stuff:

I waited until the end of my trip to dive into port wines, those supple, fortified dessert wines the city is known for. After dinner at a friend’s apartment, my hosts, an architect and an owner of a design studio, pulled out a white port made by Taylor that’s typically served chilled as an aperitif. They recommended visiting Taylor’s tasting room, one of the biggest, and Croft, the oldest. They also urged me to stay away from the expensive, flashy options along the riverfront.

We couldn’t even begin to delve into the details provided in the original article so we highly recommend you read it. The text itself is transportative and we’ve found ourselves longing to go take a trip of our own. Meet us there?



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