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Wine expert says you should put bottles of RED in the fridge | Daily Mail Online

Well, looks like we have a debate on our hands.

By Jo Tweedy For Mailonline

Chilling red wine has long been a cardinal sin for wine buffs but now a leading expert has said refrigerating an opened bottle is the best way of keeping it fresh.

Editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson, said most people didn’t realise that keeping their favourite tipple at a low temperature would actually preserve its flavour.

Restaurants and home drinkers have traditionally kept red wine at room temperature, which is deemed the right condition for the drink to be best enjoyed.

No longer a faux pas: Wine expert Jancis Robinson, speaking at the Hay Festival, said keeping opened bottles of red in the fridge actually preserved the wine’s flavour.

Storing an opened bottle of wine in chilled conditions actually slows down the oxidation, which affects a wine’s flavour.

Don’t fret about storing red wine in the fridge, it’s the best place for it, says Robinson.

However, Robinson, a leading voice in wine, said actually we’ve been getting it all wrong and that red wine can be put in the fridge. Speaking at the Hay Festival last week, she said: ‘Put any open bottle in the fridge. Even red wine.

‘Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions including oxidation, which is the enemy of an open bottle.’

The wine buff also warned drinkers against chilling their white wine for too long, saying that certain wines don’t respond well to being kept in very cold conditions. She explianed: ‘It is nice to have champagne very cold, or a light-bodied Riesling.’But once you get a full-bodied, oaked white, like a mature white burgundy, you really want it at the same temperature as a light-bodied red.’




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