At Wine Geographic Reserve Tastings, Wine is Social

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At Wine Geographic Tastings we do more than just pour you a glass of wine, we engage your palate with new discoveries.

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Expert Selections That Will Please

Each wine is hand selected. Our Expert Sommeliers and Wine Specialists, are constantly tasting and only select wines that meet or exceed their expectations. Simply put, you will be surrounded by world class wines and the people who made them and know them best.

Please Your Palate With New Sips, Swirls, and Tastes From Wine Regions Around The World


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Discovery Keeps the Palate of Life Fresh

Wine tasting should be palate pleasing and adventurous. Having the opportunity to taste many wines in one single place, that are picked by experts, you will undoubtedly leave with some new favorites and wines that you will want to try again.

Great Oceans Separate Us, But It Is Wine and Food That Bring Us Together.


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Wine Was Meant To Be Social.

Directly engage and interact with winemakers, Wine Geo Somms and Wine Specialists. At Wine Geographic Reserve Tastings, our Sommeliers, and Wine Specialists will be on hand for you to engage with . Don’t worry, they are hip and they get it.

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Wine Geographic Grand Reserve Wine Tasting Events Deliver Your Wine To More Palates

Build palate equity and brand awareness by becoming a winery partner with Wine Geographic. Submit your wine for a tasting review today. Click submit to learn more.
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