We’ve got some bad news for wine-based and wine region specific businesses. Your unique terroir  doesn’t translate through the Internet and no one can taste your wine or food via Wi-Fi, so if you want to increase sales, get butts into your tasting room seats, and bookings into your bed & breakfast, or luxury lodge, you’re going to need to do a little more than simply opening your doors.

In today’s world, you need a smart content marketing plan. That’s where Wine Geo Content Marketing Services come in…

Here are a few important statistics:

●    28% of people between the ages of 35-49 years of age seek the opinions of people on social media while planning upcoming travel
●    53.7% of millennials use Facebook to make their travel plans
●    52% of travelers head to social media in search of vacation inspiration
●    65% of leisure travelers begin their travel research online before they even know where they’re going or how they’re going to get there

So what we’re really saying is you need know to whom you are talking, and how to make your case for greatness online, and quick. Here’s a few ways that content marketing can help.

Tell Your Story – Again and Again and Again

Repeat after me, “This is who we are, this is what we do, and this is why you should really want to come be a part of it.” Sharing your backstory or mission statement with guests or customers can be an emotional experience, but imagine how great it would feel to spread the word far beyond your venue’s four walls. Establish yourself and your products as important and meaningful with something to offer the your clients, and the world will listen. There are literally hundreds of ways to create a connection between you and future clients, but only if you know the platforms to use and make the decision to use them.

Create a Conversation

Great content doesn’t talk at your audience, it talks with them. An impassioned wine review, a blog about wine-themed wedding trends, or a Twitter post highlighting your new room renovations can all act as the first serve in what hopefully becomes an ongoing conversational volley. It’s important you establish that not only do you want to talk but that you also really want to listen. Marketing is much more about your guests than it is about you – never forget that! The more involved and invested people feel in a company, the more likely they are feel a connection. To use fancy marketing lingo, you need to build brand loyalty, and content marketing is a strategic way to start.

Be Present – Even When You’re Not

You may be a big deal among locals or wine industry experts who make it their business to know who’s who, but the average enthusiast or traveler may not know a grape from a gooseberry, and if you don’t have an online presence chances are they’re not going to know who the heck you are either. Accessibility is everything; the general public wants lots of information and they want to access it when and where they feel like it. It’s not enough to simply throw up a website and call it a day, either.

If You Can’t Focus On Your Digital Presence, We Can!

The energy you put into your digital persona is a reflection of the energy you put into your business. If your brand is quirky and unique, make sure your social media accounts echo that same funky flair. Pride yourself on your tour guide’s breadth of knowledge and professionalism? Put that same attention to detail and passion for information into each and every post, and your readers will come to associate you with the very qualities you treasure most….and if you just think you don’t have the time or the energy to focus on this part of the business, you better find the right company help.

Let Wine Geographic Help You Expand Your Reach

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At Wine Geographic, we’ve been telling people about businesses like yours for years. Like you and your products, we create custom products for each desire and situation. Every business, like every wine, is different.

We specialize in telling your story across all channels and making your traffic spike, your phone ring, and your product move. We get to know you and how your business is different. We then create unique and eye-catching marketing materials, web and social media content, make them all say the right things, and ensure they get seen by your target audience.

Contact us at info@winegeographic.com to set up an absolutely free consultation so we can show you how we can help you stand out in a very large crowd.