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Curious What a $185,000 Bottle of Wine Looks Like?

Ah, that age-old decision we’ve all faced at least once in our lives: should I buy myself a lovely 3br/bath home in Omaha or a bottle of wine? If you’re thinking the bottle of wine might be a relative steal, think again. In this case, both options cost a whopping $185,000. (Feel free to read on after you’ve caught your breath.

The renowned team at Australia’s Penfolds has released five 6-liter bottles (that’s about 8 bottles of wine or 32 normal-person-sized glasses) of their 2012 Penfolds Grange. The 2012 vintage has received perfect ratings, as is typical for this monster Shiraz/Cab blend.

In an article from, the winery’s chief winemaker Peter Gago said, “We have bottled some Imperials previously, more for long-term cellaring in our museum. Every now and then we’ve released one at auction, and there is pandemonium. So we thought: Why not release a few—and why not with a vintage as good as 2012?”

While the wine is undoubtedly delicious – wine in large format bottles actually ages more gracefully and frequently outperforms typical 750 ml bottlings in side-by-side taste tests – the price tag is sure to scare off all but the most dedicated Penfolds fans. Still, for those who are willing to cough up a couple hundred thousand bucks, the experience is sure to be a memorable one, and the crystal decanter by legendary markers Saint-Louis of France (a business that’s been in operation since the 1500s) is pretty eye-catching, too.

(The staff of Wine Geographic is available to sample any Penfolds Imperial our dedicated readers might happen to pick up. No pressure.)

For more information on this rare Penfolds release or to read up on the very interesting history behind this groundbreaking blend, check out the original article at Bloomberg.



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