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As the push to legalize marijuana burns further into the mainstream, pot's relationship to food and drink will no doubt emerge from the shadows and be altered by more sophisticated palates.

Wine and weed pairings will be much like, and not so different than, wine and cheese parings as Dan Nosowitz states from the Modern Farmer.

Today, there are 1,356 strain results on weed site Leafly  and this variety is helping build a subculture of pot sommeliers who are attempting to pair those flavors with an aromatic beverages like wine and beer. With the variety of weed strains growing, professional pot reviewers analyze the flavor profiles of different strains to provide recommendations as Jessica Bennett reported for the New York Times last year,

The wine industry has taken notice and appears to be open to collaborating. Katie Shapiro of The Cannabist spoke to Paul Yanon, a sommelier at Mulderbosch Vineyards:

There’s a lot of pairings that just don’t work, so it’s really about trial and error,” says Yanon. “We (sommeliers) are good at our jobs because of how many different wines we try and are always looking to complement the flavors we find in different varietals with food. With so many new strains, it’s really the next logical step to start incorporating into the culinary culture.”

Denver winery owner Ben Parsons, at Infinite Monkey Theorem is exploring wine-and-weed pairings and states…

“It probably feels like a stunt because marijuana connoisseurs are starting to go more public with this kind of concept since prohibition ended,” says Parsons. “But the reality is, there’s a true tasting experience to be had. People who have an interest and understanding in the depth and range of wine tasting are now starting to look at how to appreciate and experience marijuana in the same way.”

The Infinite Money, the urban winery whose wines were exclusively served at a cannabis pairing dinner event at the Winter X Games in Aspen in January 2015, is currently in talks with key players in the industry about additional opportunities.

“We are looking at partnering on a series of cannabis and wine pairing dinners. And the potential for developing THC-infused wines and a whole other recreational experience is certainly of interest to me as a winemaker,” says Parsons. “It’s inevitable that certain strains, growers and cannabis brands will gain notoriety in the same way that varietals and winemakers have done over the years.”

The Cannabist Shapiro offers a few wine and weed pairings, with taste and smoke notes of course.

Wine: Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc ($13.99) 
Weed: LA Confidential or Tahoe OG
How would you pair this hugely popular strain? To fit its smooth and piney taste, we chose Mulderbosch chenin blanc. The zippy acidity and roundness of this chenin blanc will complement the herbal flavors of that classic skunky pot.

Wine: Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2013 ($13.99) 
Weed: Jack Herer or Bubba Kush
Whoever says that real men don’t drink pink while smoking doesn’t know what they are talking about. Mulderbosch cabernet sauvignon rosé and Jack Herer both combine fruity and earthy aftertastes, which make them very attractive pairings. The wine has aromas of ripe blood-orange, cherry-drops, black currant cordial and finishes with a slight rich, yet refreshing finish. A crisp cold option for that lazy outdoor picnic smoke.

Similarly, Kayla Williams of Leafly recommends citrus toned strains like Maui Wowi to go with wheat beers with citrus undertones, like Blue Moon.


Just in case you decide to toke one up and want some inspiration to satisfy your hearty appetite ….Yep you’re welcome.

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Sources: Smithsonian  The Cannabist   The Leafly



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