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Non-Stop Sips: The 24-Hour Wine Drinking Fountain

According to our friends at Decanter, intrepid wine lovers looking to quench their thirst in the Abruzzo region of Italy have something new to check out:

Visitors to a town in Italy’s Abruzzo region can drink red wine from a free fountain set up by a local winery… The Dora Sarchese winery said on its Facebook page that it had installed the free, 24-hour red wine fountain in the commune of Caldari di Ortona.

While anyone and everyone can technically access the fountain of youth… er, wine…. it was primarily set up to serve the thousands of people taking the annual Cammino di San Tommaso pilgrimage between Rome and Ortona. And did we mention that this 24/7 miracle is FREE?

For more info on the fountain and others like it (apparently Henry VIII had a wine drinking fountain of his own), head on over to the original story at Decanter.




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