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Napa Vintner and Investor Involved in Murder Suicide: Wine Geo

Napa Vintner and Investor Involved in Murder Suicide: Wine Geo

Napa law enforcement personnel investigate the scene of a murder, on the corner of Solano Avenue and Hoffman Lane, south of Yountville on Monday, March 16, 2015. (CHRISTOPHER CHUNG/ PD)

Bitter Business Dipute Leaves Napa Vintner and his Investor Dead.

Robert Dahl, allegedly shot his former business investor, Santa Clara County resident Emad Tawfilis, in the head in a vineyard along Highway 29 in Napa’s famed wine country route.

Dahl, fled into the mountains that seperate Sonoma and Napa, and that is where Dahl shot himself as deputies closed in.

The legal battle between Dahl and Tawfilis was very bitter and court documents filed by Tawfilis’ firm, Lexington Street Investments, accused Dahl’s company of fraud. Tawfilis gave about $1.2 million in loans to Dahl’s Minnesota-based Patio Wine Co., and the lawsuit claims that Dahl then used the money for different businesses, according to Perdue.

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