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Michigan Wine Served at White House Dinner

Michigan Wine Served at White House Dinner

Chateau Chantal Ice Wine Makers – Left to Right: VP/Vintner Mark Johnson, Cellar Technician Ryan Teelander, Vineyard Manager Paul Dalese, Winemaker Brian Hosmer, Cellar Technician Patrick Rigan. thumbnail courtesy of

Northern Michigan wine producers were contacted by the White House food and beverage staff who requested samples. Ice wines of the region are known for their sweet, fruity characteristics similar to that of Riesling. The White House sommelier, Daniel Shanks selected the wines that would be served to President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House Canadian State Dinner.

Chateau Chantal’s 2013 Ice Wine was served during the dessert course at the dinner, representing the only American ice wine on the table.

The Northern Michigan winery has already noticed a flux in internet sales, and expects the limited supply that’s left to sell out soon thanks to last night’s Presidential event. “It’s a great thing for the state of Michigan to be represented at the Northern Michigan Wine Served at White House Dinner

Related House state dinner for Canada is a cozy cross-border affair – Washington Post … the star of President Obama’s 11th State Dinner Thursday in the East Room of the White House, where notables ranging from Canada’s minister of fisheries to Vancouver-born movie star Ryan Reynolds sipped ice wine from northern Michigan and nibbled …Deadline Detroit




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