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Your Guide to Must-Have Wine Glasses

Let’s get real for a second. The beauty of wine is in the juice itself. Can a great glass enhance that experience? Sure. Does the narrow mouth of a Champagne flute do more for the bubbles and aromas of a sparkling wine than the large goblet of a Burgundy glass would? Yup. But when you’re sitting around with friends gobbling down a big bowl of bolognese or talking about your week, you’re not going to cry into your Cab because you served it in coffee mugs or ordinary glass tumblers. The world will keep turning and your pasta will still be delicious.
That said, there is a certain magic to properly matched wine glasses – and we mean matched as in a coordinating set as well as matching the “right” wine to the “right” glass. It enhances the experience and it makes you feel all kinds of fancy pants. If you’re looking for some good wine glasses to keep in your kitchen cupboard, Joseph Hernandez at the Chicago Tribune has some great ideas.

First, his philosophy:

Currently on my shelves, I have stemmed so-called “universal” glasses, which handle everything from reds and whites to bubblies, and un-stemmed tumblers that hold the equivalent of a glass of wine but don’t have to be treated with kid gloves.

If I’m hosting dinner, feeling fancy or pouring a wine that commands more attention than usual, I’ll bust out my stemmed glasses. The bulb allows for serious swirling, the better to release and savor a wine’s aromas, while the finer glass allows for clear viewing, easy sipping and slurping.

He goes on to list his favorite glasses in a wide range of prices and there are some excellent suggestions. A few that caught our eye include the 8-oz Marta glasses from CB2 ($12 for an eight-pack) and, for a splurge, the $60 stems from renowned sommelier Aldo Sohm’s new collection of handblown glassware. We’ll skip the enamelware tumblers and stick with our Champagne flutes, though, but that’s just us – you do you!

As Hernandez says:

Pop that cork, pour out a glass, live your life.


Check out the complete list of recommended glasses via the original article over at the Chicago Tribune.





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