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Five Budget Wines That Will Blow Your Mind — Not Your Wallet
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If you have a few thousand dollars to spend on a bottle of wine, we know a few sommeliers who would love to sell it to you,

but for most of us, there are budgets to stick to and financial considerations that far outshadow a weekly bottle of Domaine de la Romanée Conti.

Still, nobody wants to sacrifice flavor because of a normal-sized pocketbook, which is why we put together this list of budget-minded wines that won’t break the bank.

Quinta do Noval Late Bottled Vintage Single Quinta Port, 2007 – $22.99 Buy it Here

What’s better than a scrumptious LBV that got an impressive 93 points from Wine Spectator and 90 points from Wine & Spirits? One that’s only $22.99. We love sipping it all on its own, but the rich, raisin and spice notes and strong yet velvety finish are also lovely with a cheese and fruit plate.

Bodega Colome Torrontes, 2013 – $14.99 Buy it Here

Torrontes is almost entirely exclusive to Argentina, and perhaps it’s the wine’s somewhat remote growing zone that has kept it from the worldwide stage for so long. This extremely food-friendly wine is gaining momentum on the market, but for now it’s still an affordable alternative to pricier whites. Unlike some more lackluster Torrontes, the likes of which are unfortunately quite abundant, this bottle is lithe, lightly floral, and full of plenty of sharp citrus and flint.

Regaleali Nero d’Avola, 2011 – $15.99 Buy it Here

Italian wine country is not exactly undiscovered territory, but Sicilian wine is still vastly under-appreciated. This Nero d’Avola is a lovely example of the island’s native grape, and the complexity of the ruby-red wine is astounding considering the price tag. We love the mishmash of juicy red berries and silky smooth tannins, and at only 13.5 percent alcohol, you’re not going to scorch your taste buds before you get a chance to savor your food.

Goats do Roam Rosé, 2013 – $11.99 Buy it Here

Pink wine scares some people, but those in the know seek out rosé for its soft, fresh feel and elegant balance. Goats do Roam might be the most awesomely named wine on the market, but the frolicking little dude on the label is just the start of the fun. Pop the cork and get a whiff of sun-scented strawberry and dewy rose, just what you’d expect from this brightly colored bottle and yet somehow much better, too.

August Kesseler R Riesling Kabinett, 2012 – $12.99 Buy it Here

2012 was a tough year for German vintners, and the extra attention required by vineyards battered by extreme and unpredictable weather conditions has been reflected in higher prices. This offering from August Kesseler not only rises above the 2012 muck, it does so at quite the value. For the cost of a couple of specialty coffees you can treat yourself to a Riesling redolent with ripe stone fruit — the kind you’d bite into, squealing as the juices ran down your chin — spring blossoms and a bit of slate to round it all out. There’s a delicacy, absolutely, but it’s the surprisingly strong finish that grabbed our attention.



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