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Champagne Vending Machines Have Arrived! (For Now…)

Vending machines certainly serve a purpose, but for the most part there’s nothing too special about stale cheese crackers, a pile of Reese’s Pieces, and a $3 Diet Pepsi. But what if you could cop something a little more… bubbly?

Very soon, patrons at Arnaud’s French 75 Bar in New Orleans will see all their dreams of wine-y convenience come true:

[The bar] will be the lucky recipient of a new Moët and Chandon vending machine, filled with adorable, miniature bottles of Imperial Brut Champagne. Each bottle is $20, and the whole machine is chilled, of course.

The innovative technology behind this neat-o Champagne vending machine ensures that the mini bottles are dispensed carefully (no shaking, so hopefully no accidentally spray-downs) and the $20 tokens will be sold at by bartenders at Arnaud’s. Each individually sized bottle even comes with a branded pour spot that slips into the bottle’s neck so there’s no glass necessary.

The catch? As for now, this is a short-term promotion running only from April 13-16. Hopefully, a positive response from revellers will give M&C incentive to try out this high-end vending machine concepts in more locales. After all, who doesn’t need a sip of Moet to celebrate, well, everything?

For more details, check out the original article over at Food & Wine.



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