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Can Wine Be Just as Good From A Can? Sure It Can

Can wine be good from a can? Well, that might be debatable, but there are some perks to wine from a can. For one, you don’t have to lug around glasses, which can be cumbersome. A standard pour of wine is a little under 150 milliliters, and many canned wines contain 350 to 500 milliliters. How about taking wine on a hiking trip? You reach the peak and then you reach into your backpack and grab that trusty and convenient can and pop the top. There are probably more reasons to drink wine from a can and below are even more reasons to imbibe your wine from a can.


MANCAN Thinks You Can and partners Fisk Biggar and Marika Shioiri-Clark, who is also his wife, work with a California winemaker with 20-plus years of experience. The result is a portfolio of three wines: white, red and fizz, all blends consisting exclusively of Californi… Read More…


Why You Should Drink Wine From a Can yourself on the beach or in the park, a colorful towel or blanket under you, and the sun shining overhead. You crack open a cold one and take a sip from your can… of rosé. That’s right. Rosé in a can is about to become your outdoor beverage … Read More…



Forget The Suds or Soda on The Trail – Pack Some Wine and Pop The Top summer 2016, wine lovers have a smart new slogan: Yes, we can. Which is to say that wine in a can, an idea that has been attempted in the States since at least the 1980s, when soda companies tried their hand in the wine game, is back. In the past … Read More…




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