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8 Reasons American Sparkling Wines are Perfect for Independence Day!

Spending my entire adult life in the food and beverage industry means I’ve spent countless Fourth of July celebrations working in restaurants or casinos. The rest of the United States, however, enjoys the fireworks and other festivities via TV, at a cookout, or at some awesome community event. I’ve never had a problem with working Independence Day or any other holiday for that matter (everything’s a trade off, and I love the luxury of sleeping in every day), but this year is different because I’m actually off! For that reason and for so many more – little thinks like life, love and the pursuit of happiness, for example – I’ll be spending July 4 celebrating with the help of my very favorite drink: American sparkling wine.

A lot of wine educators teach people to evaluate a wine based on things like aroma and production techniques, but let’s get real – a great party has nothing to do with how much time the wine spent on the lees and everything to do with good food, great drinks, and amazing company.

If you’re wondering how to pick the perfect American sparkling wine or hoping to find ideas for Fourth of July party menus, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of 8 reasons sparkling wine is the perfect way to toast Independence Day, and each reason is accompanied by a must-try sparkling wine from right here in the United States.


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Happy Birthday, America!

#1: Celebrate the quintessential American holiday with the quintessential American sparkling wine!

  • Keller Estate Brut, 2010 – $32:  BUY ME


#2: Sweeter versions are the perfect introduction to sparkling wines.

If someone isn’t a fan of sparkling wine by itself, puree watermelon and add demi-sec for a spritzer!

  • Schramsberg Cremant Demi-Sec, 2012 – $37: BUY ME


#3: Sparkling wines are perfect to pair with spicy foods!

  • Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut – $24: BUY ME


#4: Rose and barbecue are a killer pairing.

  • J Vineyards Brut Rose – $38: BUY ME


#5: It even goes great with simple foods like hot dogs!

  • Argyle Brut Rose 2011 – $50: BUY ME


#6: In a pinch, it does clean up duty.

  • Korbel Chardonnay Champagne NV – $12: BUY ME


#7: Because someone is cooking steaks somewhere!

  • Roederer Estate L’Ermitage Brut Rose, 2006 – $66: BUY ME


#8: Because it turns a kiddie dessert into a more adult indulgence!

  • Allure Bubbly Moscato NV – $9: BUY ME





Mario LunaMario Luna sommelier is a Certified Sommelier and owner of Mario Luna Somm, a company that produces online wine courses, blogs, and other user-friendly content full of information perfect for the everyday wine drinker. He lives in Las Vegas where, in addition to working on the famous Las Vegas Strip, he serves as a consultant for large-scale wine events, specialty shops, and all kinds of wine tastings. You can contact Mario at his website or check out his courses here.



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