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11 Surprising & Unusual Food and Wine Pairings – Social Vignerons

There are certainly matchups that are far crazier than these surprising and unusal food & wine pairings from Social Vignerons really (we’ve eaten some really weird things with good wine and had good food alongside some pretty weird wine – Retsina, anyone?) but we’re fully embracing this list simply because it’s good to think outside-the-box. As past posts have shown, we’re all about breaking wine rules and there’s only so much you can do with red wine and steak (yeah, it’s delicious, no we won’t ever turn it down) before you want something else to satisfy your flavor wanderlust.

Anyway, back to the list. There’s a good variety in regards to both wine and recipes – true, you may not have a Negromara handy just now, but now you’ll know what to eat with it if you ever happen to snag a bottle.

A few of our favorites:

Love macaroni & cheese? Of course you do, because you’re smart and logical human being, not a soulless robot. Here’s SV’s pairing suggestion:

You can make it even more right with a flute of brut sparkling wine. To make the perfect marriage between the two, be sure to choose a soft, creamy cheese like béchamel to go with your macaroni. The salt and creaminess goes perfectly with a sparkling dry wine.

Even pedestrian kid-friendly snacks get the SV treatment:

If you match your peanut butter and jelly with a spicy, dry white wine, you can balance the acidity of the wine with the sweetness of the jelly. The wine will bring out the nutty flavors in the peanut butter and give it an even creamier taste. It’s so much more fun to eat a PBJ when you wash down that dry peanut butter with a wine.

We love a PB&J with a yummy White Zinfandel or rose too, for what it’s worth. (That may also be the only time we’ll drink a WZ, but we bash bottles of rose on the regular.)

Check out the rest of the list over at Social Vigneron – we’re especially intrigued by the wine they put with chocolate ice cream.

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